Friday, January 13, 2017

Episode #143 - "American History of Professor X" - Show Notes

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Alternate Titles: "Working Out or Looser Clothing" or "Simultaneously Profound & Inane" or "The REAL Suicide Squad"

Unused Alternate Titles: "Ah, Schwa" or  "Email To Ismael" or "Pounded With Work" or "#NerdYearsEve" or "Zero To Sexy In 0.2 Seconds" or "Unmarked Shallow Grave Somewhere In The Valley" or "Sideshow Bob Is A Weasel" or "Look Beyond My General Distaste" or "Big Into Living In The Real World" or "Brought The Pimp Back To The Sith" or "Internet Cynic Haters" or "Frank Booth Much?" or "Walmart Darth Vader" or "Big Molesting Tentacle Monster" or "Kung Fu Jedi-ish Guy" or "Coffee: So Good On A Thursday Night" or "Twirling His Non-Existent Mustache" or "Gives 'Boning' A New Meaning" or "Midnight Flight To Georgia" or "Weekly Coco"

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